This Veterans Day, we pay tribute to Joseph Guerin, one of our cook apprentices who served in the Air Force.

Veterans Day for Jo is more than just a date on the calendar; it’s about showing respect to those who’ve made sacrifices. “The military is diverse and full of people with different views and cultures trying to support their families and country, so have an open mind about what a veteran may look like or what their experiences or views could be.”

Post-military life presented challenges, but Jo’s passion for cooking emerged during the pandemic. “I spent a lot of time at home and decided to teach myself how to cook so I could eat better. “His journey led him to our Professional Cook program and eventually Cook Apprenticeship. “I decided to join the Professional Cook program on a whim. I ended up loving the learning process and working in the kitchen.”

As Jo delves into the world of culinary arts, we can’t wait to see the next chapter in his culinary adventure. “Right now, I’m just trying to push myself to learn as much as I can every day in this program. Culinary is brand new to me, so I’m still learning my interests and what exactly I want to do. I want to continue my education in food science and different cultural foods, even after I finish the apprenticeship.”

Thank you, Jo, for your service, dedication, and for inspiring us to embrace the endless potential within every journey. Happy Veterans Day!

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